JACKPOT V2.0: Taking Decentralized Luck to the Next Level

Inheriting the outstanding characteristics of Jackpot V1.0, the second version of Jackpot has come together with a range of awesome updates that are sure to improve your luck.

The PandoTeam has given the Jackpot system a thorough upgrade to provide you with a more fulfilling and rewarding experience. The use of PAN in ticket purchases and prize payouts is amongst the major improvements to Jackpot V2.0.

Jackpot V2.0 promises to deliver the perfect storm of surprises and benefits for all Pandora’s users, old and new alike.

What are the changes?

In a nutshell, in Jackpot V1.0, users were given Mega and Minor tickets for free every time they opened a PandoBox or upgraded a DroidBot. In V2.0, it’s possible for users to purchase extra tickets for increased odds of winning.

This latest version has tons of enhancements that will change how you play and win decentralized jackpots on Pandora.

We have compiled the core improvements in Jackpot V2.0 and displayed them all through the infographic below.

Bulk discounts & complimentary tickets

A price reduction is currently being offered to buyers who purchase tickets in bulk quantities.

Number of tickets purchasedDiscount

For the time being, Pandora’s also offering its first-time buyers 1 bonus ticket each.

What is PAN token?

Pandorium (PAN) is the multifunctional reward token of the Pandora ecosystem. PAN is given out as rewards for staking, farming, trade mining. Its versatile capabilities also allow it to be utilized in crafting PandoBoxes, purchasing NFTs on PandoMarket, and most recently, purchasing lottery tickets and paying out jackpot prizes. Users can also stake PAN to earn more PAN.

Learn more about PAN tokenomics, burning mechanism, and use cases here.

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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