How To Avoid Slippage & Improve Trading Output: Order Splitting is the Key

DeFi trading platforms can be subject to price discrepancies when executing large-scale trades due to volatile market conditions or a lack of liquidity at the chosen execution rate. Such imbalances between expected and actual costs are referred to as slippage, which traders should consider before making an order.

The DeFi Trading Benefits of Split Orders

Many traders do not understand slippage and its effect on their trading success. By understanding this concept, they can unlock massive potential benefits. Smart investors make use of DEX platforms combined with order-splitting strategies to experience optimized performance in terms of trade execution prices – safeguarding them against financial loss due to high slippage.

What is Split Order?

Order splitting allows traders to break up larger orders into smaller sub-orders, which can be filled across multiple markets (trading platforms) at different prices, allowing them to take advantage of the best price available for each part. This reduces the risk of slippage and improves the overall execution quality for trades. Without split orders, transaction slippage can be unreasonable, which might cause swaps on DEX platforms to fail. Worse, users have to pay more than they should pay in optimally executed instances.

Order splitting is an effective way to keep market prices stable. By reducing the strain on a single liquidity pool, it helps assure fair and consistent trading conditions for all involved parties.

What Are Split Orders in DeFi Trades?
What Is Order Splitting?

The Benefit of Split Order

Let’s explore the advantages of split orders! From greater flexibility to improved efficiency, such an approach can offer a variety of benefits. Here are some key ones worth considering.

Reduced Transaction Costs

Exploring and utilizing external liquidity with the help of order splitting can drastically improve the cost of large-scale trade executions. With BNB Chain-based platforms that offer order splitting like, users now have access to optimal prices when trading any BEP-20 tokens.

Let’s look at an example of how orders are split on Pandora DEX:

Pandora’s trading output substantially outstrips that of other major DEXs, as demonstrated in the table below. What’s more – traders have the added benefit of accruing compound rewards just by trading predetermined tokens through

Connecting DeFi Platforms

Splitting orders provides a unique opportunity for exchanges to collaborate and create the optimal trading experience, not just within DeFi but also as an industry in mainstream finance. Together, DEXs can strive toward gaining trustworthiness that bridges into conventional markets.

Convenient DeFi Trading

Traders no longer need to worry about the uncertainty that comes with failed trades caused by excessive slippage. With order splitting, transactions will be executed smoothly and cost-effectively. No more stress over failed trades due to high slippage.

Benefits of split orders in DeFi trades
The Benefit of Split Orders

Avoiding Counterparty Risk

Another key benefit of decentralized order splitting is that it minimizes counterparty risk by avoiding transactions with any single exchange or provider. Since orders are split across multiple markets, they can be quickly filled without being exposed to single-point failure risks associated with centralized exchanges. They will allow users to spread their risk across different exchanges, mitigating losses if one exchange experiences an unexpected technical issue or if prices move differently than expected. This also means that there is no single entity controlling the process, reducing the chances of manipulation or fractional reserve issues arising due to the lack of liquidity in any one market.


Order splitting not only unites forces in the rapidly growing DeFi space but also allows for a powerful and competitive ecosystem to emerge and rival traditional finance.

Pandora‘s order-splitting algorithm improves DEX transactions by leveraging liquidity across multiple popular decentralized exchanges on the BNB Chain. Along with this powerful feature comes an exciting range of innovative products to explore, including yield farming, DroidBots, PandoBoxes, and Pandora NFT Securities, to name a few.

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Stay financially strong with Pandora – your favorite DeFi companion!

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