Grand Collaboration: Pandora x Fabwelt

Pandora is all about inclusivity and breaking down barriers. It’s always striving to form alliances with powerful projects for the greater good of everyone. Through those significant cooperations, more opportunities keep arising to boost crypto earnings of Pandora’s users and beyond!

Let’s welcome aboard Fabwelt — our newest partner in this initiative towards a more integrated DeFi world.

Grand Collaboration: Pandora x Fabwelt

Meet Fabwelt

Fabwelt is a revolutionary concept that combines blockchain technology into the core of all types and genres of high-quality video games.

What you can do on Fabwelt:

  • Pay to play.
  • Join in-game tournaments
  • Collect, own, use, and trade NFTs.
  • Play to earn.
  • Farming & staking Fabwelt tokens.
  • Experience multiple worlds with Fabwelt Metaverse.

Explore more about Fabwelt:

Website | Telegram | Discord | LinkedIn | Twitter | More links

Meet Pandora

Pandora is the highest-paying & the first gamified DEX on the BNB Chain. Its ecosystem operates by means of a robust dual-token system and features cross-platform AMM, income-generating NFTs, marketplace, decentralized jackpot system, launchpad, and much more.

The adoption of the dual-token system enables users to maximize their earning potential while participating in the protocol. Meanwhile, Pandora’s inventive and inclusive revenue-sharing scheme ensures that all key actors in its ecosystem are properly incentivized for their participation in the protocol.

By introducing a unique, all-encompassing incentive structure, Pandora sets itself apart from other conventional DEXs. While the crypto industry is notorious for its volatility, Pandora has assured that it will prioritize all users’ stable passive income and provide them with earnings stability, even in times of uncertainty or fluctuation in cryptocurrency markets.

Explore more about Pandora:

Official Dapp | Telegram Group DEX | Telegram Channel DEX | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Discord | Reddit | Blog | Docs | Partnership | Medium | Telegram Group Launchpad | Telegram Channel Launchpad

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Check out this crammed list of all the juicy details about our partnership:

  • Fabwelt and Pandora will be hosting game nights, livestreams, and exciting tournaments for Web3 gamers.
  • Fabwelt and Pandora will hold concurrent promotional campaigns with enormous rewards for both communities.
  • Fabwelt will promote Pandora to its own user base through in-game advertisements.
  • New farming pools will be opened for Fabwelt on
  • WELT is listed as an incentive token on Users can now trade WELT on to earn PAN rewards.
  • Pandora and Fabwelt will co-run cross-marketing events such as airdrops and AMAs on Twitter Spaces to allow our communities to learn about each other’s projects.

Towards a brighter future

The partnership between Pandora and Fabwelt is off to a thrilling start! There is so much potential in this partnership that will be tapped into over time. Keep checking back for updates on this remarkable collaboration.

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