FAQs with Pandora | Referral Program

Hi Pandorans,

The PandoCommunity is all abuzz about Pandora’s Referral Program, and we’re here to find out more!

A few common questions you may have regarding this rewarding offer are answered below. Read up!

How does Pandora Referral Program work?

Our Referral Program enables inviters to earn a commission equal to 5% of their invitees’ earnings on farms, trade mining, and staking pools.

How can I invite my friends to Pandora?

You can get your personal invitation link & QR code at https://pandora.digital/referral.

Share them with your friends & encourage them to explore Pandora via your referral link/QR code.

How do I know when I’ve successfully referred someone?

After you’ve successfully referred someone, the number of Total Friends Invited on your account will increase.

Is there any limit to the number of friends I can invite or the rewards I earn?

We don’t limit the number of people you can refer or how much you can earn. So, don’t skip this great earning opportunity because the possibilities that come along with it are endless.

I’ve referred my friend to Pandora but my referral is not reflected on my account?

A referral is qualified when all of the following terms are fulfilled:

1. No transactions have been previously made by the referee on pandora.digital.

2. Within 14 days after clicking the referral link, the referee must connect his/her wallet to pandora.digital, then make at least one successful transaction through either swapping, farming, or staking.

How are referral rewards paid?

As soon as your invitees harvest their earnings on farms, staking pools, or trade mining on pandora.digital, a bonus equal to 5% of their rewards will be automatically and instantly credited to your account.

Go to Referral to check your “Unclaimed Rewards”, then click “Claim” to withdraw the rewards to your wallet.

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

*Telegram Group 1:https://t.me/PandoraCommunity
*Telegram Group 2:https://t.me/PandoraCommunity2
*Telegram Channel:https://t.me/PandoraDigitalNews
*Blog: https://news.pandora.digital/
*Official Website: https://partner.pandora.digital/

***Beware of fake accounts impersonating pandora.digital. We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.
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