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Today, we will highlight some of your most frequently asked questions about our PandoMarket.

Navigating Pandora DEX might be a daunting task at first for those who are new to DeFi, in general, and Pandora, in particular, but our FAQ series has got you covered.

Today, we will highlight some of your most frequently asked questions about our PandoMarket.

What is PandoMarket?

PandoMarket is an easy-to-use, peer-to-peer trading platform where you can discover, collect, and sell unique NFTs at your own prices.

To learn more about PandoMarket, check out this Introduction to PandoMarket.

What currencies can I use to trade NFTs on PandoMarket?

Currently, three cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment on our platform: PSR, BUSD, and PAN. 

Is there any commission fee for trading on PandoMarket?

PandoMarket charges a commission fee of 5% of each transaction value, which is paid by the seller.

How can I buy an NFT on PandoMarket?

Head to PandoMarket, choose the NFT you wish to purchase amongst the available listings, then click “Buy” and proceed with the payment.

For more details, please refer to How to Buy on PandoMarket.

How can I sell an NFT on PandoMarket?

Head to your Inventory then click “Sell” on the NFT you wish to sell. 

If your NFT is currently being staked, make sure to unstake it first, then you can list it on PandoMarket for sale.

For more details, please refer to How to Sell on PandoMarket.

Where can I see the NFTs I’ve bought?

All the NFTs you have acquired are displayed on the Inventory page.

How to make an offer to buy?

Buyers can offer an individual price proposal via the option “Make offer” and sellers can either accept, ignore, or reject the offer.

How many offers can be submitted to the seller of an NFT?

The number of offers that can be submitted to the seller of an NFT is unlimited.

Will the seller pay a commission for declining an offer?

Only the BNB Chain fee is charged if an offer is rejected.

Can a buyer cancel his/her purchasing offer?

Yes. Click here for detailed instructions on how to cancel your offer to purchase.

How can I manage all my activities on PandoMarket?

Visit PandoMarket then click the “Manage Sales” tab, there you can easily keep track of all your active listings, offers to buy your NFTs, purchasing offers made by you, and all your previous purchases and sales if any.

The time has never been better to get on board with DeFi. Join us and together, we’ll push the boundaries of finance.

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