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Has your portfolio suffered in this bear market? Have you been looking for a way to diversify and hedge against risk, but don’t know where or how? You’re not alone. The answer can be found with Pandora NFT Securities!

FAQs with Pandora | Pandora NFT Securities

This article will address some common questions regarding Pandora NFT Securities. Read on to discover a fresh way to diversify your DeFi portfolio in these uncertain times!

What is NFT Security?

NFT Security is a decentralized, fixed-income security developed by Pandora in cooperation with NVC Group. By buying an NFT Security, the investor is providing a loan to the issuer for a set period of time, in exchange for regular interest payments.

Is there a penalty for early redemption of NFT Securities?

NFT Securities are redeemable anytime, with a penalty of 10% of the NFT Security’s face value for exiting the investment early. For early redemption, you will receive the principal amount and unclaimed interest if any.

How much can I spend on NFT Securities?

There is no limit on the total amount that any person or entity can own in NFT Securities.

How much does an NFT Security cost?

You can buy an NFT Security for any of the following amounts: $100; $500; $1,000; $5,000; $10,000

When do I get the interest on my NFT Securities?

Unlike traditional securities that pay interest quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, interest on NFT Securities is paid out every block.

How long does an NFT Security earn interest?

Currently, all NFT Securities earn interest up to 1 year after the Interest Start Date.

*Interest Start Date is the date when an NFT Security starts to accrue interest and is 7 days from the Batch Release Date.

*NFT Securities are issued in batches. Each batch is dished out on a preset date called Batch Release Date.

How to purchase an NFT Security?

There are 2 ways to purchase an NFT Security:

  1. Buy an NFT Security directly from Pandora.
  2. Buy a previously minted NFT Security on our secondary security market (peer-to-peer marketplace).
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