FAQs with Pandora | Jackpot Tickets

It’s never too late to join the party on pandora.digital. Learn how you can have a chance of winning Pandora’s enormous jackpots with these helpful FAQs.

How to win a jackpot on pandora.digital?

There’re several ways to win a jackpot on pandora.digital.

Trade. Accumulate hashrate. Be in the top 50 of the Trade League by 30-day hashrate average and you could share in the huge progressive Mega Jackpot.

You can also craft PandoBoxes or upgrade DroidBots to earn free lottery tickets. Moreover, you can also purchase extra tickets for additional chances of winning.

Why should I own jackpot tickets?

Each jackpot ticket offers its owner a chance of winning the Mega, Minor, and/or Mini Jackpot.

How many types of lotto tickets are there?

There’s 1 type of ticket only.

Can I customize my ticket number?

Yes, ticket numbers can be customized by users.

How can I pay for the tickets?

At the moment, users can buy lotto tickets using PAN. All the PAN tokens from ticket sales will be allocated to the Total Prize Pool to fund the jackpot prizes.

Why were my tickets burned?

Lotto tickets on pandora.digital can be burned under two circumstances:

  1. When a PandoBox is unlocked, a certain number of tickets are generated and rewarded to the box owner. If the user doesn’t open the box within a predetermined period, the tickets will then be burned.
  2. If a user win a jackpot prize but does not claim his or her prize within 14 days after the results have been disclosed, the winning ticket will then be burned.
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