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Hey Pandorans, we have been listening to your feedback and questions because your opinions matter the most!

Let’s discover the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions right now!

What is timebomb?

Pandora Mega Jackpot is connected to a timebomb that started counting down from 60 days since Pandora launched. 

How are Mega Jackpot & Trading Leaderboard interconnected? 

Top 50 of the Trading Leaderboard by 30-day rolling hashrate average will share the Mega Jackpot if nobody has hit it before the timebomb explodes. 

Check who’s on top now: https://pandora.digital/jackpot#hashrate-lottery

I’m not amongst the top 50. How to boost my ranking?

The timebomb is currently set to explode in 54 days. 

If you’re not in the top 50 yet, then you still have plenty of time to get your name up there.

Trade, accumulate more hashrate, earn PAN rewards & make yourself one-of-a-few on our Leaderboard


I’m in the top 50. How much is my share of the Mega Jackpot worth?

The leaderboard is updated at 0:00 UTC every day with the latest rankings.

To remain in the top 50, try to increase your hashrate average via swapping.

The individual prize for each person in the top 50 is proportional to their 30-day hashrate average at the time the timebomb explodes. Uplifting your total hashrate will increase your share of the Mega Jackpot.

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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