Earning and being healthy with Moverse – What’s attractive about the combination of Pandora Launchpad and Moverse?

All information about the Moverse project will be continuously updated here. Besides, Moverse officially cooperated with Pandora Launchpad to implement IDO.

Move’s IDO coming soon, stay tuned, Pandoran!

Partnership announcement

🔥We’re thrilled to be collaborating with @moverseann, a fitness-to-earn Dapp powered by AI and deep machine learning.

🏃Imagine if you could keep fit, generate income, and maintain this healthy habit at the same time. With Moverse, it becomes reality!
✅ One-stop Fitness Dapp
✅ Profitable fitness experience
✅ Inclusive SocialFi platform & Metaverse

🤔 Curious about the events that we have in store for YOU?

🙌 Stay subscribed. We will surely blow your mind with impending lucrative offers!

☄️More details about Moverse:
🔗 Website | Twitter | Discord | TG | TG Channel | Youtube | Facebook

Moverse – The project that brings the Move-To-Earn mechanism trend back to the market

🔥Moverse – The Fitness Metaverse where every move counts!

🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️Let’s stay healthy and wealthy with @moverseann’s comprehensive FitnessVerse.

▪️Cardio Training: Running, Cycling, Swimming
▪️Strength Training: Pushup, Pull-up, Plank

PERSONALIZED COACHING SYSTEM: AI-powered virtual trainers guide and fix your movements

DECENTRALIZED SOCIALFI: A ‘Tiktok’ platform dedicated solely to fitness enthusiasts

TICKET TO METAVERSE: Join a virtual fitness community where you can meet, share, and connect with others

NON-REQUIRE WEARABLES MECHANISM: All the exercises will be done right on your smartphone

👉 Learn more about what they offer: here

❗️Hint: Moverse IDO is coming to Pandora Launchpad this month!

🚀 Visit our launchpad page to DYOR and get ready to seize the chance: https://bit.ly/3defJuE

🏃Learn more about Moverse:

🔗 Website | Twitter | Discord | TG | TG Channel | Youtube | Facebook

What are the benefits of joining Moverse SocialFi?


👋 Shout out to all fitness enthusiasts around the globe!

🚀Moverse introduces you a dedicated hub, where you can keep fit, stay healthy, and be wealthy at the same time.

🙌 Join Moverse SocialFi to:
✅ Upload videos & share your fitness experiences
✅ Get advice from professional trainers
✅ Stay connected and received supported from others
✅ Increase your social connections, increase your scores to earn more!

🔎 Want to know more about Moverse?
⚡️Tune in here to DYOR.

What is special about Moverse NFT Sneakers and why should you own them?

💥 Let’s pull back the curtain to see Moverse’s NFT sneakers 💥

☄️Moverse NFTs serve as the “tickets” that allow YOU to easily enter the FitnessFi world.

⚡️There will be 3 types of sneakers that are tailored for your favourite activities:
✔️ Walker: for 2-6 km/h
✔️ Jogger: for 4-10 km/h
✔️ Runner: for 8-20 km/h

🔥 Hint: Your rewards increase as your speed increases.
👉 Stay tuned to treat yourself an NFT to start your Fitness-to-Earn journey!

🔎 Moverse IDO will soon premiere on Pandora Launchpad.
👉 DYOR now: https://bit.ly/3defJuE

Move to earn – Do you believe it?

🚀 Unique privileges of $MOVE HOLDers – the sole token that powers Moverse ecosystem.

✔️ Make administrative decisions using DAO system
✔️ Get involved in fitness to earn activities
✔️ Buy & Upgrade NFT sneakers

🔎Want to have some $MOVE in your wallet to reap those benefits?
👉 Wait for Movere IDO to premiere on Pandora Launchpad!

🚀 Follow us to be an “early bird” to buy in before it skyrockets!

What makes the MOVE burning mechanism unique?


During this bear market, let Moverse be your safe bet with their well-calculated tokenomics!

1️⃣ $MOVE is the sole token that powers the Moverse ecosystem

2️⃣ $MOVE’s value is positioned for growth
▪️Only 15B of tokens are available
▪️All $MOVE minted through in-app or marketplace activities will be burned until its supply reaches 1B.

👉 Learn more about Moverse’s tokenomics here.

🏃You’ll be able to buy $MOVE through Moverse’s IDO on Pandora Launchpad.
🔎DYOR and get ready to grab your chance: here.

Learn all about Moverse’s core team


💥 Moverse Team is comprised of Co-founders, C-level executives, and Managers who have previously drove the success of myriad start-ups!

👥 Let’s take a glance at their background & past experiences: here
🌟 CEO: Bruce Hoang
🌟 CSO: Neil Meintjes
🌟 CPO: Alex Hoang
🌟 CBO: Kim Do
🌟 CMO: Soarkoha
🌟 CDO: Austin Vu

🔥 They are working tirelessly to innovate a Fitness Metaverse where everyone can connect, earn, and enjoy the fitness journey.

🚀 The premiere of Moverse IDO on Pandora Launchpad is nearing. Start your Moverse’s DYOR here!

👉 Follow us so you don’t miss the drop!

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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