Astonishing Statistics on Pandora | 28 May 2022

Pandora has been progressing non-stop in the DeFi space. These fresh numbers show how well things are going for it.

Spectacular numbers of Pandora are waiting for YOU. Be sure to check them out and keep your eye on the sky for more stellar numbers to come!

Pandora’s DEX

$1,936,588 Total Value Locked

$12.34M 9-day Trading Volume

$1,419,594 Total Value Locked in Farms

$171,850 Total Value Locked in Pools

$92,111 Jackpot Pool

$203,869 NFT Staking Reward Pool

225,720 PAN – Total Daily Rewards for Trade Mining

PSR Token

65,981 Transactions with PSR token on BSC Network

2,913 PSR Holders

24,063 PSR Burned

$26,258,411 Fully Diluted Market Cap

$2.627 The current price of PSR token

PAN Token

55,651 Transactions with PAN token on BSC Network

639 PAN Holders

2,140,002 PAN Burned

Pandora’s social channels

242K+ Members Across All Social Media Channels

We’re only getting started. Let’s keep going strong for years yet ahead with Pandora!

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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