A Deep Dive Into Earning With Pandora’s User-Level System

User level
User level

As a gamified DEX, rewards on Pandora are based on an organized user-level system that users must understand as they progress. What is EXP? Why are there reduced fees on certain transactions and higher points on my balance? It’s not a bug. Just grab a drink, sit back, and learn more about the Pandora user-level system in this article.

A Deep Dive Into Earning With Pandora’s User-Level System

What is Pandora?

What is Pandora?

Pandora is the first gamified decentralized exchange (DEX) on the BNB Chain, offering users the best yield farming APRs and rewards for using the platform. The Pandora ecosystem features a cross-platform AMM and a sustainable dual-token economy. It also consists of interest-paying NFTs, a marketplace, a decentralized jackpot system, a launchpad, and NFT securities.

The DEX is widely acclaimed in the DeFi space for its commitment to the success of its users. Its innovative and inclusive incentive mechanism ensures that consistent Pandora users receive appropriate rewards.

The First-ever Participation-based Reward System in DeFi

Pandora’s user-level system is an action-based reward system that evaluates how much a Pandora user uses the platform. The unique user-level system represents Pandora’s mission to help users access more earning opportunities.

Users can unlock various incentives based on the levels they have achieved. The higher their level, the more benefits they receive. To climb up the user-level ladder, users are supposed to participate in various activities. See more on that below.

The First-ever Participation-based Reward System in DeFi

How Does Pandora User-Level System Work?

EXP is the gamified EXP, which stands for experience point(s), and works like proof-of-participation recorded for all Pandora users. These users receive and accumulate EXP while using the Pandora DApp. When the number of EXP earned becomes eligible for a new level, they can progress to that level by unlocking the new level manually. 

The number of experience points you accumulate will be crucial to your growth within the Pandora user-level system. As you use Pandora and earn more EXP, your total rank will improve to new levels. All users receive access to more exclusive rewards as they progress on the user-level system. The Pandora user-level system has 20 levels; you will need more EXP to advance through them.

How Does Pandora User-Level System Work?
How Does Pandora User-Level System Work?

What You Get With More EXP

With more EXPs, users earn boosted farming rewards of up to 9.72% from yield farming on Pandora. Moreso, they receive bonus trade mining rewards of up to 12.5%, and their reduced staking slot unlocking fee could reach 36.45%.

More so, they received extra NFT staking/mining power of about 36.45% and boosted PSR staking rewards of 48.59%. Additionally, they get increased generic staking rewards of around 29.16%. Lastly, more EXP could mean a DroidBot upgrade reduction fee of up to 19.44%.

Gamified DEX
What You Get With More EXP

How Can You Earn More EXP?

Wondering how users can boost their EXP? We got you covered! Do the following to earn more EXP and grow quickly across all user-levels on Pandora:


Pandora is setting the pace for decentralized exchanges by building a unique and comprehensive reward mechanism into its platform. The exchange is delivering on its promise to build a continuous passive income stream for all users.

The Pandora team is also working to give Pandorans consistent earnings in a volatile market. The exchange is sustained by a dual token model, with each token unique and serving various purposes for long-term growth. The team is working to develop better token use cases and reward mechanisms for all users.

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Stay financially strong with Pandora – your favorite DeFi companion!

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